How to Deal with Preventable Orangery Roof Mistakes!
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The following are tips on how to deal with orangery roof mistakes. You’ll be surprised at how simple some issues can be fixed.

Dealing with That Improper Slope

The materials that you use for your roof should match its slope. A mismatch will simply lead to water penetration since there will be gaps that cannot be fully covered. For instance, if you’re using tile shingles, wood, or even asphalt then make sure that you have 12 units of run for every 4 units of rise in a slope. Different materials suit different slopes.

Problems with Valley Flashing

Another problem area with your roofing is the roof valleys and the valley flashing. If they are improperly secured or improperly installed, you will see a lot of leaks. Make sure to use enough sealant when installing flashing. Remember also that they should be layered with the shingles. Note that the U-shape should be facing the valley.

Fixing Falling Shingles

Shingles, if improperly installed, tend to slip and fall. The good news is that it is rather easy to fix. All you need to do is to make sure that you used the right number of nails. On average you will only need four nails for every shingle you have on your roof. If your roof has a steep grade then you should make that six nails for every shingle.

Prepare for Melting Ice Water

Your orangery roof won’t be a match for a running flood of ice water that has just melted. To prevent any catastrophe (and expensive repairs) you should use proper insulation. You should install an under layer for your roof. Make sure to keep it at 3 feet or more.

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